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Norval Morrisseau Sworn Declarations

Between 2003 and 2005, Norval Morrisseau executed various sworn declarations in which he identified paintings he alleged were fakes at the following galleries:

-Maslak-McLeod Gallery (Toronto)

-Bear Claw Gallery (Edmonton)

-Randy Potter Auctions / Randy Potter Estate Auctions (Port Hope, ON)

-Artworld of Sherway (Toronto)

-Gallery Sunami (North York, ON)

-The Woodland Gary Bruce Thacky Gallery (Thunder Bay, ON)

Click on the below PDFs to view those declarations.

Please note that SOMMER LAW is providing these declarations for information purposes as to what Mr. Morrisseau stated in them.  SOMMER LAW is not commenting on the validity or truth of the statements made in these declarations and that is not the purpose of making these declarations available to you.  The purpose is to communicate pertinent information to those who have concerns about art that they purchased. 

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