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ART LAW in Ontario


Sommer Law has extensive experience in the areas of art law and litigation. Specifically, we can help with issues such as the following:

     -Legal opinions of authenticity

     -Investigations into authenticity

     -Advice regarding art crime

     -Advice regarding the purchase and sale of artworks

     -Negotiation and litigation of art-related disputes

     -Purchase and Sale of Artworks

     -Copyright law advice

     -Contracts related to the art business


Jonathan Sommer is the author of the art fraud chapter in the 2022 Lexis-Nexis book Art Law: Cases & Controversies (Click Here)


Feel free to read these Sommer Law articles:


Norval Morrisseau Forgeries (Updated for 2023)

Art Fraud and How To Avoid It (2020)



Here are some recent media interviews with Jonathan Sommer.

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